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What Does It Mean To Be A Family Of Journey?

What Does it Mean to be a Family of Journey?

There is a popular hymn in the UU “teal hymnal,” Singing the Journey, whose first lines are, “Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?”

Where have we been on our journey as parents and partners? How would we describe our current location? Who do we think we’re on our way to becoming? With each new path we choose to take–practicing being more patient as parents, figuring out how to ask for and show compassion as partners, recognizing our true selves and loving that shining, beautiful beings that we are–we are heading into healthy place where we recognize parenting as a journey and not as a test that we’re getting graded on. A parenting journey frees us from the strictures of perfectionism–a feature of white supremacy culture–and invites us into a metaphor that is both adaptive and exciting. Parents and grandparents on journeys are consciously in-process, in-progress, and intentional. What a gift for our children to see us living into this dynamic identity: not a perfect person, but a curious, flexible, unafraid-to-fail person.

By Teresa and Alexis, Soul Matters Family Ministry Leaders

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