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The UUSCJ immersion journeys experience for YRUU

What types of work / observation / engagement will we be doing in Tucson?  What will the experience be like? 

The border justice journey is not as focused around volunteer work as some others, but is very interactive and intended to prepare participants for working towards immigrant rights beyond the trip itself. UUCSJ calls our programs “Immersion Learning”, as the intention is to immerse ourselves in the reality of the border and experience firsthand what is happening and what is being done to respond to these injustices.

Depending on the physical fitness level of participants, you could be bringing water onto the desert trails for migrants who are lost. You may also visit a woman in sanctuary at a church and write letters of support, or be asked to write letters of support for a LGBT person trying to get out of detention on bond, etc.

There will also be several meetings with organizations doing different types of service and advocacy, and groups typically spend part of a day in court directly witnessing “Operation Streamline.”

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