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*Check with your financial advisor for possible tax advantages. Please notify us of transfers.

Pledge Amounts Are Confidential!

Thank you for pledging!

How much should you give? This year, we’re asking families to pledge 5% of their income — more if they can afford to. Since every financial situation is different, give as generously as you are able, at a level that both makes you feel good and reflects your commitment to MDUUC’s ministry.

All gifts to the church are gratefully received and appreciated. They support living our vision through MDUUC’s worship life, spiritual support, community-building, and educational programs, as well as our social justice efforts in the community and the world at large.

Already completed a pledge card?  Want to know methods of payment?  Make a credit card payment?  Click here

Have a pledge question?  Ask MDUUC Stewardship Member Ed Lampo < >

Prefer to use paper?

UUA Pledge Guideline


FAQs About Pledging And MDUUC

Why Are We Having A Sunday Focused on Commitment and Celebration? Each year we take the time to mark our progress together and to focus on what our priorities for the next year will be. Our elected Board of Trustees, working with our Lead Minister, will put together a plan of action, including raising money for our next church year which runs from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020.

What is a PLEDGE of Support? A pledge states an intention to give. In filling out a pledge card, an individual or a household indicates the amount of financial support they anticipate giving Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church over the next year.

What Pledge Amount is Appropriate? Each of us must determine this for ourselves. Our Unitarian Universalist Association has suggested that we think in terms of a “fair share” pledge which is 5% or more of one’s income. Pledges vary from a few dollars a month to five-digit annual pledges. What is most important is that each person who cares about this community pledges their support.

Why Are Pledges Important? Unlike other nonprofits and other religious denominations, MDUUC truly depends on member/friend contributions, since more than 75 percent of our budget comes from the contributions of its members and friends. These contributions allow our worship services, programs, and all of what we do here together – theyare what pay salaries, maintain our buildings, offer our worship and programs – to do all of what we do here together. Pledges also allow us to plan and set a budget for approval by members at the annual June congregational meeting.

Is a Pledge An Obligation? A pledge is a statement of intention. We realize that circumstances can change and when they do, members and friends let us know.

Why Do Members Pledge? When people become members, they are saying they have a stake in the future of this congregation and that they want to support the congregation as they are able, through their financial pledges as well as their time and talent.

What If I Really Can’t Afford to Pledge? If you are in hard circumstances, please fill out a pledge card and put –O– in the amount which lets us know what we can expect and helps with our planning.

Do Only Members Pledge? NO! We are very grateful to our many dedicated friends who pledge.

Click here to view UUA President
Susan Frederick-Gray’s message to MDUUC

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