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Breath And Spirit: Touching the Earth

Date/Time       Location
12/09/2017  9:30 am - 1:30 pm       Bortin Hall

Join us for our half-day retreats, which feature opportunities to calm your brain, rest your heart and restore your spirit. By spending time in reflective and meditative practices, you will find yourself able to build a new resilience. Breath & Spirit retreats share restorative practices to calm and center you and provide a supportive environment to think about how you can continue finding these forms of peace-making in your day-to-day life.

This year, our Breathing Deeply programs will center on themes that will allow you to consider different practices to address some of the causes for chaos, uncertainty and stress. Please join us! On December 9th, “Being Your Own Home for the Holidays” will focus on the unsettling events of the world we live in and the reality of change and transition in our own lives. We will focus on spiritual practices which build resilience and inner peace and which allow us to show up present and accounted for in the world as it is.

Facilitators: Rev. Leslie Takahashi, Jo Gelinas and friends


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