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7:00pm -8:30
Parenting Teens (1617Q4)
Oak Room

Live with a teen? Join our Teen Parent Group, which meets the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month in the quarter. We will talk about challenges and rewards of parenting these age groups. A “kid” group with adult supervision, crafts and homework time, will run during the same hours for any teens who want to come.”

Facilitator:  Johanna McShane

Fee:  none

7:30pm -9:00
Mirror Room

An intro to Improv. The class will do games designed to break the Improv ice and teach basic concepts – such as saying “yes” to offers and building a story from nothing. The ultimate goal is to lose the noise we’ve developed since childhood that tells us to edit  ourselves and others (not permanently… just while we im-prov…).

Facilitators:  Bill Younger and Ben Yates


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