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Download Adult Programs Brochure 2018 Winter Quarter (Q2)v5 Edition

Most classes, except ongoing groups, request registration. Click on the class in the listing to begin the registration process. If a fee is listed, please pay by credit card here or bring the money to the first day of class. You may pick up a paper copy of the brochure on Sundays during coffee hours at the Adult Programs Table in the Bortin Hall or in the church office, or contact

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Featured Classes/Events



02/18/2018 - 02/25/2018
2:00pm -4:00
Beloved Conversations
Children’s Chapel

Beloved Conversations is an experiential curriculum that provides a space to reform/refuse the brokenness of racism into new patterns of thought and behavior ushering in social and spiritual healing. New ways of being are learned through the actions of conversation and probing dialogue.  This year participants will have a chance to attend the kick-off retreat facilitated by the Rev. Leslie Takahashi and Linda Russell (to be held Friday evening January 26 and all day Saturday, January 27) and twice a month on Sundays.

7:30pm -9:00
Mirror Room

An intro to Improv. The class will do games designed to break the Improv ice and teach basic concepts – such as saying “yes” to offers and building a story from nothing. The ultimate goal is to lose the noise we’ve developed since childhood that tells us to edit ourselves and others (not permanently… just while we improv…).

Facilitators: Bill Younger and Ben Yates

7:30pm -9:00
Justice Unfurled (Ministers' Class)

Join Revs. Neal Anderson and Leslie Takahashi for this midweek Ministers’ class after the Community Dinner. They will explore the intersection of our Unitarian Universalist theologies and history with contemporary justice issues.

January 17: The Worth and Dignity of Every Person—Without Exception

February 21 – Education for All – Without Exception

March 21 – Gender, Exploitation, and Intersectionality

Date: 3rd Wednesdays, Jan. 17, Feb. 21,  March 21
Time:  7:30 p.m. — 9:00 p.m.
Location:  Sanctuary
Cost:  $5/class

Please note:  This class is a drop-in class—feel free to come for one class or them all.


1:00pm -2:30
Celebrating Black UU History
OWL Room

Join Intern Minister Natalie Malter for a four-week long class to explore Black Unitarian Universalist history in the United States through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Black Unitarian Universalists have long been vital and important members of the UU movement, but their stories have not always been told. Come learn more about local and national UU history, and explore the complex and interesting questions about where we have been and where we are today. No history background necessary. All are welcome!

Facilitator:  Intern Minister Natalie Malter

Dates: Thursdays, Feb. 1, 8, 15, and 22

Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Location: Owl Room

Fee: $15 (entire program)

Please register on our Eventbrite page (You will be taken to a new page)

Please note that you can still opt to pay by check at the event onsite on Eventbrite. We appreciate your RSVP.

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1:00pm -3:00
Book signing with Betty Reid Soskin, Community Activist, Business Owner, Musician, Author, and Ranger
Bortin Hall

Meet Betty Reid Soskin and hear her read from her just-released book

Sign My Name to Freedom  A Memoir of a Pioneering Life

Betty Reid Soskin has been a home-front war-years worker, a singer-songwriter and performer, a writer, a legislative aide, a National Parks ranger, a national icon, and an honest and tireless fighter, both against discrimination of all forms and for the growth and triumph of the human spirit and values that would benefit us all. In her blog, CBreaux Speaks at, she writes, “Life has never been richer, nor more abundantly lyrical,” and “I’ve grown into someone I’d like to know—were I not me already!”

The child of proud Louisiana Creole parents who refused to bow down to Southern discrimination, she was raised in the Bay Area Black community before the great westward migration of World War II. After working in the civilian home-front effort in the war years, she and her husband, Mel Reid, helped break down racial boundaries by moving into Walnut Creek, a previously all-white and initially unwelcoming community. There she raised four children—one openly gay, one developmentally disabled—while resisting the prejudices against the family that existed among many of her neighbors.

Betty found a welcoming community at the Mt Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, receiving great support from the minister then, Rev. Aron Gilmartin, and church member David Bortin. She performed her own compositions at church events singing and playing guitar.

Video Link

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1:00pm -3:00
Gifts of Aging: The Stories of Our Lives
Oak Room

Come and share the wisdom, wonder, mystery, spirituality, and laughter of our lives. Our togetherness will be filled with conversation of the remembrances, challenges, losses and joys we continue to experience on our journey.

Facilitator:  Beth Snortum

1:00pm -3:00
Awakening Joy

Please join us as we explore the principles and practices that Awaken Joy.  The program is Buddhist-based and backed by the findings of neuroscientists.  We will use James Baraz’s book, “Awakening Joy:  10 Steps that will put you on the Road to Real Happiness” as our guide.  The ten steps we will focus on are Intention, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Finding Joy in Difficult Times, Integrity, The Joy of Letting Go, Loving Ourselves, Connection with Others, Compassion and The Joy of Being.  The format for each class will include guided meditations, readings, discussion questions, tools to us to create more joy in your life, sharing, connecting, laughing and singing

Facilitator:  Joan Redding

Date:  2nd & 4th Tuesdays, January through May

Time:  1:00 p.m.—3:00 p.m.

Location:  Children’s Chapel

Fee:  $20.00


12:00am -12:00
Claiming Our Stories: A People of Color* Gathering Space

Members and friends of  MDUUC who identify as People of Color are invited to join this gathering where we will create a sacred space of sharing and power.  Each month, we will come together to reflect on our experiences as people of color in Unitarian Universalism and in our larger world. Using our stories, our wisdom and our truths as our guide, we will collaborate on a vision of what it means to be “exuberantly multicultural” – within and beyond MDUUC’s walls. This gathering will be facilitated by Rev. Ranwa Hammamy  *this space is specifically for people who identify as People of Color (Black, African, Latinx, Asian/South Asian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous/Native American, Arab/Middle Eastern, Multiracial). A sibling group for white allies, friends and family members will be held at the same time.

Facilitator:  Rev. Ranwa Hammamy

Dates:  4th Wednesday Evenings – Feb. 28 and March 28

Time:  7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Location:  Sanctuary

Fee:  $5


7:30pm -9:00
Journeying Together: Engaging Whiteness & White Supremacy
Children’s Chapel

Member and Friends of MDUUC who identify as white are invited to this gathering to create a sacred space where we can engage what it means to decenter whiteness in a culture which centers whiteness. We will engage together to understand oppression as it exists within ourselves and around us.  You are encouraged to attend in spite or because of your level of awareness or understanding. We will engage texts, multi-media, and other sources and engage in dialogue. This gathering will be facilitated by Rev. Neal Anderson. * This space is specifically for people who identify as white. A sibling group for People of Color will be held at the same time.

Facilitator:  Rev. Neal Anderson

Dates:  4th Wednesday Evenings  – Feb. 28 and March 28

Time:  7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Location:  Children’s Chapel

Fee:  $5


9:00am -10:30
Changes: Navigating Life’s Turns

Change comes, whether we like it or not. Abrupt or gradual, deliberate or by chance, joyous or sorrowful―life’s transitions are inevitable. Are you navigating through a time of change and transition in your life? Join in a conversation as we tend our spirits together in our ever-evolving lives.

Facilitator: Rev. Neal Anderson
Dates: Saturday March 3March 31April 21May 19
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Location: Panera Bread, 744 Bancroft, Walnut Creek
Fee: $10

Please register on our Eventbrite page (you will be taken to a new page)

Please note that you can still opt to pay by check at the event onsite on Eventbrite. We appreciate your RSVP.

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