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Update 6-22-2018 – We have a new calendar with a new form. 

Events/Room Reservations:

Does it have a date and/or do you need a room? Go to the calendar and select the green Submit Event Request button on the top of the calendar for room reservations and event requests. You can also click on that button to track your requests. Please note that there are several pages to the form, so please continue clicking the next button until your request is complete. You will receive confirmations as your event is processed and approved. If your event is declined you will see why and be able to resubmit if needed. Please check the calendar to be sure your event is not already there before submitting events. You CAN use this form for changes in your existing event (we will either use the new submission to replace what is on the calendar or make a change to the existing entry, at the discretion of the publications coordinator).

Article Forms:

Is it information only or a promotion for publications? If you have a lot to say (200-300 words) use the Article Submissions Form (blue). If it’s a sentence or two, use the Short Announcements form (red). DO NOT USE ARTICLE AND ANNOUNCEMENTS FORMS TO REQUEST EVENTS!

Article Submissions     Short Announcements

More info about the Article Submissions Form – Use this for full Beacon Articles or Web Articles.

Article Submission Form

Is this a one or two sentence announcement? Please use the Short Announcement Form instead.

Please use the form below to submit an article, other announcement or reminder to the Beacon, Insert, Weekly Email or the website. Please use the following word counts:

  • Beacon Articles – 300-500 words (about 1500-2500 character). 
  • Weekly Email and Insert – 1-2 sentences, about 50-60 words or 500 characters
  • The Title should be 30-50 characters

Photos are optional and must be smaller than 2MB.

POST TITLE = Article title

POST CONTENT = The body copy of the article or announcement. The Add Image button can be used to include a photo or figure in the body of the article.

POST EXCERPT = Brief (1-2 sentence) teaser to help the reader determine why they’d be interested in the article. If you omit this, the first 50-100 words of your article will be your excerpt. 

POST IMAGE is for the main image you’d like to accompany the article on the web, and possibly in the Beacon.   This is optional and depending on space may or may not be used.

AUTHOR NAME & EMAIL are for us to contact you with questions about your article. They won’t appear on the web or in the Beacon.  (If you’d like them to appear, include them in the Post Content field, remembering that only ‘’ email addresses will be published.)

ISSUES refers to the Beacon issue in which you’d like your article to appear, depending on space constraints.

PUBLICATION NAMES indicate the target vehicles in which you’d like this article to appear.

ARTICLE TYPES denote the kind of article you’re submitting. If you aren’t sure, don’t check anything.

SUBMITTER NAME & EMAIL are similar to Author Name and Email for use if the person submitting the article is not the same person as the author.

HUMAN CHECK  is a device to make sure the form is being filled out by a real person.

What will happen once you submit this form:

You will receive a confirmation email and the Publications Coordinator will be notified.

You will receive another email when your article is published on the website

You will receive an email in the event your article cannot be published.

Ready to submit an article? CLICK HERE


Questions? Contact

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