Announcement of Selection for Assistant Minister’s Position

Nancy Rivara, Chair

On behalf of our Assistant Minister Search Committee, I am very proud to announce the selection of a minister whom we are very excited to join our ministerial team for the coming church year.

However, I first want to acknowledge the members of this committee who worked tirelessly over the past seven months to make this outcome happen in an atmosphere of perseverance, trust, and ongoing communication and “keeping the faith” that we were going to select the best candidate for this much needed position – no matter how long it would take.

The members are: Joan Armstrong, Johanna McShane, Errol Reyes, Aki Rasmussen, Bill Wostenberg, and, of course, our lead minister, Rev. Leslie.

So…drum roll, please: Our new Assistant Minister (his official title is Minister of Engagement and Justice) is the Rev. Neal Anderson who is finishing his ninth year as the senior minister at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada in Reno.  We look forward to welcoming Neal, his wife, Ruth, and their two sons to our church this August!

And, now for a sneak preview video!