Congregational Support for Black Lives Matter and Black Lives of UU

Congregational Meeting Notice November 19th at 1:00 p.m.

The Board of Trustees has called for a congregational meeting for November 19, 2017 to hold discussion as required by our public witness process. A petition with the required number of signatures was delivered to the Board asking that the congregation support the Black Lives Matter movement and the Movement for Black Lives Unitarian Universalist. The policy requires that this matter be discussed at one congregational meeting and voted on at another. The vote would be held at the January meeting.

MDUUC Proposed Act of Public Witness to Affirm Answering the call to action from the UUA and the MDUUC board of  trustees, the Racial Justice Committee proposes the following plan for MDUUC’s act of public witness:
1) Ask members to formally affirm that we, as a congregation, support the Black Lives Matter movement and Black Lives of UU. Passing this resolution would authorize the Social Justice Council, appropriate committees, Board President, Board Vice President and Ministers to speak publicly on this issue for the church as a whole.

2) Display signage on our property, on our web site and other key communications to signal to members, friends and visitors that we are a safe place where black lives matter

3) Continue and expand work to become exuberantly multicultural and welcoming to people of color, including educating ourselves about ways we may fall short of that ideal through lack of awareness, and using that knowledge to remove barriers

4) Continue and expand opportunities for the congregation to work towards racial Justice, including opportunities to:

a. Engage in intentional learning spaces to organize for racial justice and oppose systemic racism
b. Partner with other faith communities and racial justice leaders to show up for actions that will result in policy
changes to end institutional racism
c. Contribute to Black Lives Matter and Black Lives of UU-sponsored activities when asked