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March 10, 2018

The last couple of weeks have found me reflecting on the things that matter most to me. And to think about the ways that I invest in them, by giving my time and my resources and my trust.

Time is a precious commodity and we need it to buoy and maintain the relationships and the connections that sustain our lives and make days joyful.

Resources include our money, something which sustains organizations such as this congregation in this era when fewer have time to give and we rely more on paid staff. And also our special gifts, those talents that are uniquely endowed within us in a particular way. Right now, I think a lot about the ways I want to give my gifts and the places I want to do that.  I’ve been thinking a lot about our community and realizing that we are so fortunate to have so many of us ready to invest in it with all we’ve got.

Trust, that is the kicker. Our gifts of time and our resources also require that we offer what we offer even though we live in an uncertain world where nothing is absolutely promised. Some people would call that a faithful life. In the world in which so little is certain, trust is the ingredient that leavens the others. In as in so many organizations, finding ones that we believe in for the long term, even if every individual decision doesn’t make sense to us, is critical. We need time, talents, and treasure and also trust that what we are investing in today will be an invaluable legacy for other in the future. Someone did this for me and so I am able to partake in our precious community. My hope that we will continue to do this so that others will have that option in the future.

Time, talent, treasure and trust. Gifts we can give to that which is and those who are closest to our hearts.

March 25, 2018 – “Faithful? Who Me?”

Does the idea of faithfulness have any traction for us as religious liberals in 2017? What does it mean to be faithful when we don’t all believe the same thing and when we don’t all agree on how we connect to what we believe in? This service will include a service of renaming for those gender-queer, gender-questioning and transgender folk who have claimed a new identity out of faithfulness to who they are. Please contact by March 20 to be included. This is part of Rev.Leslie Takahashi’s DIY Virtues series, looking at traits once valued which have fallen out of favor in our times.

March 18, 2018 – “Legacy”

“Legacy”. Author Stephen Cave says there are four kinds of legacies which we can leave, an important concept in our “living tradition” when we nurture new growth as offshoots of the deep roots and strong trunk of those who have come before. We will reflect on legacy, tradition, change and how we best prepare ourselves to nurture new buds. Rev. Leslie Takahashi will lead this service.

March 11, 2018 – One Service at 11:15: “Strong Roots, New Buds”

One Service at 11:15: “Strong Roots, New Buds” with Revs. Mary Katherine Morn and Leslie Takahashi. Join us for this special service on Celebration Commitment Sunday. We will have both our band and our choir and our children’s choir as well! The Rev. Mary Katherine Morn is the Director of Stewardship and Development and Special Assistant to the President for the Unitarian Universalist Association. Mary Katherine’s passion for fundraising arises from her belief that ministry is the work of unleashing the best we have to give—and though we sometimes forget it, unleashing financial giving is what makes much of the rest of the ministry possible. Rev. Mary Katherine Morn

March 4, 2018 – “Hinterland’s Who’s Who?”

Rev. Neal spent the first 35 years of his life in Canada and first came to Unitarian Universalism as a young adult in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This Sunday, he will share stories of Unitarian Universalist and Canadian history and explore some cross-cultural experiences of a Canadian doing UU ministry in the USA. How is the expression of faith impacted by the places where we come from?

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