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Rest. What Rest?

What an odd summer. It is as if we need to look away—and yet we can’t quite because of all that is happening.

The news about the child separation. The news about the end of the ICE contract in our County and the following news that once again punishment might be heaped on those heads. The news about the increasingly disturbing role of our nation and the changing role of the courts.

For many of us, summer is a time of mandatory rest, when we recharge and renew. We can’t not rest and can’t completely rest with all this bad stuff happening to folks so we walk in the land of paradox. So glad I have found a few moments to nurture my spirit and that I have a chance to do my tiny part. My colleague Rev. Meg Riley says it well.

We continue to pay attention to the world as we pay attention to our spirits.

One way we will be paying attention is hosting an exciting benefit concert on July 29th. The money raised will help provide bail funds so that immigrants who have been languishing in our jails will not be randomly shipped across the nation.

Recently I was introduced to these creatures. Their eyeballs rotate independently. Perhaps we aspire to this as well! One eye on the world and one eye on the preservation and restoration of our own lives.

In faith, Leslie

A Message from Rev. Leslie Takahashi

This week has been one of great shock and sadness for many in our community and for many in our nation. We began the week still struggling with the news about the separation of children from parents because of their migrant status and also the news that one of the proposed internment facilities might be located at the Concord Naval Weapon Station. News from the Supreme Court which reverses or cripples the expansion of rights and which holds the ban on our Muslim neighbors sent us reeling again. And then yesterday we learned of the shooting of five journalists at the Capital Gazette including Wendy Winters, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis. And for a few in our midst, this week has been taken up with preparation to attend as partners and in response to a mass rally led by Mijente on July 2nd in San Diego.

My friends, this week has been nothing less than traumatic and it is important for us to take a moment together to recognize that our hearts feel broken and battered. Let us hold one another in great care as we journey on and as we continue to look for those ways that we can make a difference and continue to be a voice for values of equity inclusion and the affirmation of the worth and wholeness of all people. In these times, we need one another and though many of us may be scattered about, we continue to journey together, committed to those principles of our faith tradition which call on us to remain steadfast.

To do this, we will need to take care of ourselves and to take care of one another. That our nation needs new ways of being in conversation together and new ways of bridging our differences could not be more clear. Please do what you need to to take care of yourself and one another in these times. We must keep faith with one another and our values.

In faith, Leslie

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