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A Treasure Hunt For Journeys All Around Us

A Treasure Hunt for Journeys All Around Us

Try perceiving your well-known world in new ways. Take our monthly treasure hunt list with you on your trips to the grocery, walks around the neighborhood or bike rides, and transform your everyday travel into a family adventure.

This month, we’re looking at our neighborhood from two perspectives: human, and animal. As you work through this list, stay curious about the ways the journeys of people and animals intersect, sometimes helpfully, sometimes not. We’ve also included some of the journeys of the natural world, like the clouds traveling through the sky. Be on the lookout for them too!

  • Migrating birds
  • A worm out after a rainfall
  • A foraging bumble bee
  • A foraging honey bee (a European bee naturalized in North America since 1600s)
  • Evidence of a seed’s journey (Perhaps an acorn growing into a tree around the outside of a much larger oak’s canopy? Or a stand of all-same, native bushes or low plants whose cluster suggest spreading by  roots?)
  • A nest, where baby birds’ journeys begin
  • Rolly Pollys on the move (also called sow bugs, pill bugs)
  • An ant, or group of ants, moving supplies to their colony
  • Something that helps people on their journeys, like a public map or interstate signs.
  • A wildlife underpass
  • Clouds moving in the sky
  • Wind carrying a leaf or other item up and away
  • What other journeys can you find in the natural world?
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