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September 25: Beyond Tolerance

Sometimes our lives—and the larger context of our world—seem to be fractured by areas where we differ from others. Though tolerance may seem like the goal we seek, how is it…

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September 11: We Landed!

We often talk about the world we dream of...and then we live in the world as it is. How do we practice accepting that sometimes our reality has little relationship…

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September 4: Watering the Seeds of Love

Join Revs. Leslie Takahashi, UUA Presidential Candidate Susan Frederick-Gray, and Intern Minister Jim Lewis, along with your Congregational community as we conduct our annual Water Communion service. In this uniquely UU ritual,…

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July 17: Flour Communion

Food plays a sacred role in many religious traditions and practices. From altars, to communions, to potlucks, "breaking bread" is an act that crosses faiths. But how do these actions…

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July 24: “My People, My People”

Beloved Conversations is a country-wide endeavor for UU congregations. Join Worship Associate, Linda Russell, and participants in the Beloved Conversations program, in a reflection on what it is and what…

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