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Videos of past sermons are available on our YouTube Channel.

You can search YouTube by sermon title or date, for example ‘June 20.’

February 11: Patience Is the River

In Winnie The Pooh, Milne writes: “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.” How do we cultivate this important practice? This is part of the DIY Virtue series. Join Rev. Leslie Takahashi for an exploration.
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February 4 – Gifts of God

Each year we are grateful to host the Balazs Scholar. This year Rev. Emese Bodor will grace our pulpit.  What is the heritage which was given to us by our family, our faith, and our communities?  Are we aware of…
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January 7, 2018: “Leftovers”

Though not consumed immediately, these morsels can be saved for a delicious meal in the future. They may also become a curse haunting us from the back of the fridge, taunting us to eat or throw away. Rev. Neal will…
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December 10: “The Gift of Presence”

It is being discovered that loneliness is one of the great afflictions of our time. During the holiday season when loneliness can become particularly acute, Rev. Anderson will call us to reject the cult of individualism and embrace life-sustaining theologies…
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