April 27, 2014 - "Pain, Suffering, and What to Make of It All" - Rev. Andrew Karlson

Join Rev. Andrew Karlson, MDUUC's community minister and the Acute Care Chaplain for Kaiser's Walnut Creek hospital, for a look at how we make meaning; and for assurance that pain, illness, evil, and death do not have the final word in our lives.  We will also have an observance of Yom Hashoah.

May 4, 2014:  “The Hope Jar” - Jason Cook

There's a lot of talk about making the world a better place, but what exactly does that mean? And how do take action that truly helps people who may be very different from us? Through stories from around the world, seminarian Jason Cook will explore how we go about creating a foundation of hope for the important work of building beloved community.  Come welcome this exciting new voice into our pulpit!

May 11, 2014:  "Texting, Tweeting and Other Everyday Spiritual Practices" - Rev. Leslie Takahashi Morris

In honor of Mother’s Day, Rev. Leslie Takahashi Morris will examine some of the questions of our times: how is the world changing around us and our families? How are we riding the whitewater of change while holding onto our core values?  We will also be honoring the professional religious educators who have been our guides.