"Universalism: A Historic Debate" by Rodney Lemery

Please join us to witness a re-enacted debate between two historic ministers, one Universalist and the other conservative Christian. Come and hear the arguments for and against Universalism that have shaped our rich history to the present day. This is not your mother's debate and is sure to be infused with humor and explanation, so even if nineteenth century English isn't your thing, don't worry. Come learn, worship, and laugh!


Sunday, August 3, 2014: "Pain, Hurt, and Harm" with Andy Karlson

In our advertising-saturated, pain-averse culture, the temptation to avoid discomfort can be irresistible. But if we experience no pain, how do we grow? How do we learn resilience? Rev. Andy Karlson, our Community Minister, will lead the service.


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