Sunday August 17: "To Discover the Why" - Rev. David Morris

Sometimes we need to know exactly what we’re hoping to find in a journey or an experience. Sometimes, it’s better not to be so sure. Drawing on his sabbatical experiences, Rev. David Morris explores what can emerge when we don’t know exactly why we’re going some particular way.

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"Universalism: A Historic Debate" by Rodney Lemery

Please join us to witness a re-enacted debate between two historic ministers, one Universalist and the other conservative Christian. Come and hear the arguments for and against Universalism that have shaped our rich history to the present day. This is not your mother's debate and is sure to be infused with humor and explanation, so even if nineteenth century English isn't your thing, don't worry. Come learn, worship, and laugh!

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Sunday August 10, 2014: "On Being A Loving Congregation"

Teachers rarely know the long-term impact they have on a single student's life. It can be the same with a congregation.

How does a layperson go from walking through our sanctuary doors on Sundays to becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister?!?


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"Elevator Moments" by Linda Russell

Superman had his phone booth, Batman had his cape. Linda Russell will explore how we transition from every-day consciousness to the sacred space of being with someone facing medical challenges, dying, or dealing with grief.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014: "Pain, Hurt, and Harm" with Andy Karlson

In our advertising-saturated, pain-averse culture, the temptation to avoid discomfort can be irresistible. But if we experience no pain, how do we grow? How do we learn resilience? Rev. Andy Karlson, our Community Minister, will lead the service.


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"Breathing Deeply" - sermon by Adam Dyer

What does breath really mean to us? We are often asked to be mindful of our breathing when entering into meditation, silence, gathering, and the like, but how are we actually changed by this mindfulness? Let us explore some of the ways we might bring intention to every one of the thousands of breaths we take every minute of every day.

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