Sunday, May 10, 2015 "Choose Your Gospel"-  Rev. David Morris

Two Religious world views cut across the lines of the many differing ideologies, faiths, and denominations of the world. Both growing out of the realization that the capacity for evil lies in every human being, these opposing responses act as lenses through which faith and life are seen. One leads toward destruction; one leads toward hope, and we must choose between them every day.

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Sunday, April 19 "Pathways to redemption: Climate Justice/Just Transition" - Rev. Kurt A. Kuhwald

We have come to it ... the decision point. We have come to the realization that as UUs we must commit to respond to the greatest challenge human kind has ever faced ... we must take our place, offer our gifts ... we must, together, take the redemptive pathway to climate justice and a just transition for all people, all species ...

Rev. Kurt A. Kuhwald, UU Community Minister, Endorsed; Founder/Activist: Outrider Ministries; Climate Justice ~ Just Transition ~ Black Lives Matter Allies. Rev. Kuhwald has served 8 congregations as minister in various capacities. He has also served in three community ministries including street ministry, graduate faculty and community change activist for racial, economic and climate justice.

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Sunday, May 3 "Be Who You Are" - Rev. Sandor Kovács

This year's second Balázs Scholar joins us to explore the changing effect of our Hungarian-American relations. He will briefly share the history of those connections, then will show how American Unitarian Universalism changed and challenged Transylvania. Rev. Kovács teaches church history and history of religion at the Protestant Theological Seminary in Kolozsvár (Transylvania), Romania. He was one of the first Balázs Scholars at Starr King School in 1995-96.

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Sunday, April 12 "Are We There Yet?" - Rev. Rachel Anderson

"Are we there yet?" has been asked by many young children on many journeys in many forms of transportation. Twenty years after serving as intern minister at MDUUC, Rachel ponders how the question relates to our own life/spiritual journeys as individuals, families and communities.

The Rev. Rachel Anderson is a life-long Unitarian Universalist who grew up in our congregation in Concord, New Hampshire, graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry and served as intern minister at MDUUC. In 1996, MDUUC ordained her to the UU ministry. So far, Rachel's ministry has included hospital chaplaincy, parish ministry, leadership roles within the Pacific Central District and the UUA and work with public libraries. She lives in Berkeley with her wife Sally and their 11 year old twin sons.

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Sunday, April 26 "Weave the Web" - Rev. David Morris

We affirm that we are part of the interdependent web of all existence. The web is always there; yet there is an aspect of the fabric which requires our participation. If we're not weaving the web, we just might be unravelling it. In our world today we are in need of embracing this as a way of being and as an orientation to life.

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Sunday, April 5 "The Life of the World to Come" - Rev. Leslie Takahashi and Rev. David Morris

The victory of life is not reserved for an otherworldly existence, but a real and possible future.

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