Sunday, December 7, 2014: "The Gift of What is." - Rev. Leslie Takahashi

Equanimity, or the ability to accept what is given to us by life is considered by many spiritual teachers to be a foundational skill to living an ordered and centered life. And yet it is not easy to accept that which we would not choose. Rev. Leslie Takahashi will reflect on this and what it brings.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014: "On the Road Again" - Rev Lisa Sargeant

We have all heard it said, There's nothing permanent in life except change. How do we go through these constant changes while managing uncertainty, and still finding time to stop and watch the sunset? Our UU faith has some answers to offer.  Join Rev. Lisa Sargeant who did her internship at MDUUC as she joins us in the pulpit. 

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Sunday, November 30, 2014: "Think B.I.G.!" (One Service, 10:30 a.m.)

In the end, as it is in the beginning, to think B.I.G. Is the path to growth and renewal.  Come learn this spiritual secret that continues to give energy to our daily lives.  We will also share in the traditional bread and cider communion in recognition and honor of our shared abundance.  Rev. Lisa Wiggins will join us as part of our reprise of past interns!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014: "The Transient and the Permanent Remade" - Rev. Leslie Takahashi

In every life, change comes in its many forms.  As we face a time of seismic change in our society, how can we take the lessons of our faith to remake our tradition to transform lives and create the Beloved Community in this world?  How can we use its teachings to prepare us for change in our own lives?  Rev. Leslie Takahashi will explore these questions.  

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Sunday November 23, 2014: "Choose to Matter" - Rev. David Morris 

The world outside our spiritual community, the world we all live in, is in the throes of massive social and cultural change. We speak for that change, and we hope to bend its course toward  values we hold dear. Yet choices confront us as well, choices we often make without really noticing, about our own community’s life and shape. Rev. David Morris will explore how we choose may well determine whether our faith is an essential part of the changing world around us—or an interesting footnote in history.

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Download this file (Sermon 112314 Choose to Matter DM.pdf)Sermon 112314, Choose to Matter [ ]181 kB

Sunday, November 2, 2014: "All Souls Celebration" - Revs Leslie Takahashi and David Morris

Each year we take time to explore our on-going conversation with life and death.  In the tradition of Día de Muertos and also in honor of the Christian holiday All-Souls Day which was important in our Universalist heritage, we mark this time.  If you have suffered a loss in recent years and would like to process, you are invited to meet 15 minutes before each service at the back of the Sanctuary. 

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