Green Tips


Updated 11-23-2012


by Dee Simmons

What You Can Do:

In 2007 MDUUC members signed pledge forms from the UU Ministry for Earth and agreed to take positive action in response to Global warming by committing to one (or more) of following three actions. Since this helped MDUUC qualify as a Green Sanctuary, Newcomers since 2007 are encouraged to commit too.


How are you doing with your Green Sanctuary commitments?

  • Reduce the thermostat setting in your home by at least 1 degree during cold months. Increase your air conditioning setting by 1 degree during warm months.
  • Reduce driving speed by 2 miles per hour from the speed you would normally drive (when traveling 60 miles per hour or more).
  • Replace 3 regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs in extensively used light fixtures in your home.

Save on paper by reading the MDUUC newsletter online instead of having it delivered. News and Events>Current Newsletter (If you are serious about reading online, contact the church administrator to take your name off the mailing list and receive a password to access the password-protected online version -- the complete version, an incomplete version is above. You might also make an donation to MDUUC that will cover what would be the cost of mailing the newsletter to you.)

Why the Green Group Supported the Use of Stones

The Green Group lobbied for and supported the use of stones rather than candles during Joys and Concerns. Even though there were a large number of candles being used, they emitted a small amount of carbon dioxide compared to a coal or fossil fuel power boiler. 

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