Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church is very proud of its record of working on Social Justice and Environmental Concerns, both in the past and the present.  We offer a variety of ways for any member or friend of the church to get involved in Social Justice and Environmental work.  The Social Justice Council and Green Group which coordinate this work are described below, and action is also taken by our youth.  Our concern for Social Justice is often evident in our Lifespan Religious Education Programs and Worship Services.

Share the Plate

A special collection taken at the Sunday worship each month goes to an charity serving the wider community and advancing social justice. The organization is selected by the Social Justice Committee of the Church. Details.

The Social Justice Council
The Social Justice Council coordinates advocacy and witness efforts to make the world a more just and peaceful place, as well as provides opportunities for doing hands on service, such as feeding homeless families in a homeless shelter.

The Council, sometimes called SJC for short, also coordinates the church's Share The Plate program, where a Sunday's offering will go to an organization supported by a church member. Several task forces or committees have formed to work on issues such as health care reform, helping the elderly, immigration, and other areas, and members are encouraged to form groups to work on any Social Justice issue they have a passion for and can get a few others interested in.

Social Justice Council committees often combine efforts with the Mt. Diablo Peace Center, the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, the Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry, and other related groups (see the Social Justice Partners page for more).

All are welcome! Your commitment may run from an hour every so often to an ongoing commitment for many years - it's your choice! A Social Justice table after church provides information about the latest opportunities.  See links to the left for information about meetings and activities.

Green Group
Helping members and friends of MDUUC be green and greener is the goal of the Green Group. Operating glob_warmunder the auspices of the Place Council, the Green Group shares green information in the church newsletter, on its Green Group and Green Tips web
pages, and maintains an email action alerts mailing list. (To join the mailing list, please contact a Green Group member.)

The Green Group’s primary environmental focus is climate change and its ramifications, so in addition to sharing information, it also promotes activities that encourage the responsible use of the Earth’s resources. On-going activities include: improving the environmental condition of the MDUUC campus; promoting recycling; and lobbying for cleaner air/water. Very democratically run, individual Green Group members suggest the projects that will further its mission statement.

Social Justice and Environmental History at MDUUC

Our current social justice and environmental work is part of a long history of involvement in Social Justice dating back to the early Fellowship days in the 1950s. A pdf of this history,composed as part of a workshop a few years ago, is included (just click below to read it).

Download this file (148_History[1].pdf)MDUUC Social Justice History[Social Action at MDUUC 1950s to 2000s]470 kB