Statement of Purpose

Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church has a Lifespan Religious Education Program that addresses the needs of all age groups and provides opportunities for classes and learning experiences in a variety of formats, settings and times. To support such a program MDUUC community members share the responsibility of being both leaders and participants, giving of their time, talents, and other resources.

Children's Rainbow Path Principles

These principles are our core Unitarian Universalist values that underline all the lessons we provide to children and youth:

Red - Respect the Worth and Dignity of Every Person

Orange - Offer Compassion and Justice for All

Yellow- Yearn to Learn and Accept Others

Green - Grow by Search for Truth and Meaning

Blue - Believe in Your Ideals and Act on Them

Indigo - Insist on Peace, Freedom and Justice for All

Violet - Value the Interdependent Web of Which We are a Part

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