Make it So: 2020!

Moving from Vision to Action

In January 2017, MDUUC’s members voted to approve six strategic focus areas for the church in the coming three years.  


Annual Meeting 6/4/17 Click for PowerPoint 5mb


We have affirmed that MDUUC: 

Will be:

  • exuberantly multicultural
  • supportive of families and multigenerational

Will provide:

  • inspirational worship, restorative spiritual practices, and
  • put our values into action, by working for justice. 

We will power this work with:

  • communications for connection, and
  • expanded and sustained stewardship. 

Click for goals details.  (56kb)

Click for presentation. (3.3mb pdf)

Next up:  MDUUC Board and Council Conveners will work on defining NEXT STEPS in our Make it So: 2020! Process at the Board Retreat August 19, 2017 and continue the workshop at the Leadership Summit in the Fall, tentatively scheduled for October 7, 2017. 

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