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Make it So: 2020!
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Our Strategic Vision & Latest News

From 2015-2017, hundreds of MDUUC members and friends participated a strategic visioning process

We have affirmed that MDUUC: 

Will be:
exuberantly multicultural
supportive of families and multigenerational
Will provide:
inspirational worship, restorative spiritual practices, and
put our values into action, by working for justice.

We will power this work with:
communications for connection, and
expanded and sustained stewardship. 


Vision to Action Workshop October 7, 2017

60+ Leaders of committees, councils, ministry and board of trustees gathered to connect and sync and work on skills and personal transformation needed to be radically welcoming. 


MDUUC teams move independently but coalesce in progress toward shared vision

We’re early in the arc to our goals, but have clear teams, leadership and now come together to learn, strengthen our (radically hospitable) skills.

Board president, Michele Carroll closed the day with a chalice lighting by Rev. Leslie Takahashi: 

Click for PPT pdf and Snippet Summary pdf of the day

Please contact with any questions.    

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