We worship in our Sanctuary each Sunday as a way to nourish our minds and hearts through reflection, through connection with one another and through reverence for the mystery and beauty of life.

Our typical service follows a traditional structure: chalice lighting, hymns, readings, candles for joys and concerns, music and a sermon. Although the format of the service is similar to a Protestant church, the content is quite different. The readings and music are drawn from many religious traditions and sources of inspiration.

We offer a Meditation Service each Sunday for worship without words.


We also build community through classes and groups, including our small Community Circles. Our weekday and evening offerings are diverse: book discussions, choir rehearsal, women’s spirituality, UU history, living wills—you name it, we probably have it; and if not, you can help create it.


Unitarian Universalists are committed to social justice, action and living our values. As individuals and as a congregation we work to help others and to improve the world around us.

The Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center is housed at MDUUC. Other community activities include tutoring, feeding and clothing the homeless, the UU Service Committee’s Guest at Our Table, and the Contra Costa Food Bank. Once a month we “Share the Plate” (the Sunday offering) with a group selected by our Social Action Committee.

Your service is always needed, in small ways and large, to enhance church life. Can you pull weeds, sing, sell books after the service, arrange flowers, cook for the homeless? Giving and receiving help are simple gifts benefiting both the giver and the receiver.

Welcoming Congregation

We are a Welcoming Congregation, welcoming not only in the general sense that we want all to feel at home at MDUUC but also in the special sense that we welcome lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and questioning individuals into our community.

A Brief History of Unitarian Universalism

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