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Want to help the church without committing to join a committee? Just-In-Time opportunities are discrete tasks with very limited time commitments.  If you’re available for any of these activities, simply send an email to the address listed as “Respond To:”

Break Not The Circle of Witness

Here is a thing I know. The world can break your heart and still not break your spirit. What a week this has been as we have had to face yet another senseless loss of life at the hands of…
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Savoring the Morning Stars

The days are getting longer. Soon it will be harder to see the morning stars which are so bright in the darkest months of the year. This winter, those stars seemed poised to answer those unanswerable questions that wake one…
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MDUUC to Provide Sanctuary and Bear Public Witness That Black Lives Matter

 On Jan. 30, 2018, members of Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church (MDUUC) voted unanimously to authorize its board of trustees to consider and act on requests for physical sanctuary for undocumented immigrants under threat of deportation. The congregation also voted to authorize MDUUC to…
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Blog post 1/26/18

Sometimes things do not seem to go as planned. And still, possibilities for healing and nurture occur…. This last week I attended an “institute” held by the Unitarian Universalist Ministers’ Association. This is a chance for us to learn and…
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Because sometimes you feel like a slug

On my morning walk, today, I saw a mother and her child stopped across the street from my street. She was holding her phone and taking a picture of Mount Diablo which was shrouded in particularly beautiful mist. The child…
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Leslie’s Logos – February 2018

How odd it is to live in this world where it seems when connecting with others is easier than ever from a technical sense, and yet just as hard—and maybe even a little harder—in others. Smartphones social media and email…
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