Use Our Space





$350 (2-hour minimum, $175 per additional hour, maximum day-rate $1050.)
Bortin Social Hall

$2200 for up to 10 hours on a Saturday; 1200 for up to 7 hours on all other days; $200 per additional hour

Children's Chapel $45 minimum for 1.5 hours; $30 per hour additional
Memorial/ Meditation Garden $100 per hour
OWL Room $45 minimum for 1.5 hours; $30 per hour additional
Oak Room & Sequioia Room $25 minimum for 1.5 hours; $15 per hour additional
Fireside Room $25 minimum for 1.5 hours; $15 per hour additional

A special wedding package includes the use of the Sanctuary for the ceremony and rehearsal, reception in Bortin Hall, dressing space, and access to entire campus for photographs.

Please note:

  • Time after minimum is calculated to the nearest half-hour increment and is rounded to the nearest dollar amount. Total time charged includes pre-event and post-event occupancy.
  • Use-fee for regular users: Weekly, biweekly or monthly users agree to pay the combined monthly fee on the first day of each month in advance.
  • All spaces are handicapped accessible, and use of the building includes parking in our lot, which has 125 parking spaces, including 5 handicapped. Additional parking is available along Eckley Lane.


Nonprofit community service organizations (such as youth groups) and music and public performance groups are accorded a 25% discount. Regular users are also accorded a 15% discount. Music recitals are charged a flat fee of $200 for 2 hours, $35 per additional half hour. Recitals with more than 100 in attendance will pay an additional $50 custodial fee. Twelve-step recovery groups are asked to contribute one dollar per attendee for each meeting.


If you cancel your reservation, you will forfeit a portion of your use-fees, depending on when you cancel. Dates and times may be re-scheduled, but only at the discretion of the Church. If an acceptable date is not available, it will be considered a cancellation.

Time Refunded Forfeited Fee
1 year to 6 months 50% of fee that has been paid so far 50% of total rental fees
6 months - 3 months prior to date 25% of rental fees plus security deposit 75% of total rental fees
less than 3 months prior to date security deposit only 100% of total rental fees

If you are interested in using church space, call the church with the dates, times, and nature of your event to check on availability (the number is below). The administrator will go over the specifics of your event, such as tables and/or chairs needed, then send you an application/agreement form if the space is available. To reserve space, an agreement must be signed along with payment in advance.